Extreme Cleaning

Extreme Cleaning Services are for Extremely Dirty Spaces

We always get questions from potential clients about whether they need standard or extreme cleaning services. To help differentiate this service we always say that extreme cleaning goes far beyond typical domestic cleaning. Extreme cleaning is for cases where simply vacuuming and sweeping are not enough to get the job done because the space is too heavily soiled. Furthermore, extreme cleaning often involves sanitizing every nook and cranny of a space – not just the high traffic areas which would be the priority of a standard cleaning service. If you’re selling your home, extreme cleaning services are often necessary to make sure every surface of the home is thoroughly sanitized. The demand for “extreme cleaning” services in the Toronto area is higher than ever before.

Here’s a More Thorough Look into the Areas we Address During Extreme Cleaning:

For example we clean as follows: walls, floors, baseboards, interior & exterior of cabinets, lighting fixtures, interiors & exterior of appliances, doors & door casements, window interiors & exteriors, counters, carpets (complete removal of carpeting, under pad, tack strips staples and we do wet or dry extraction), hardwood cleaning and the application of high grade products for shine renewal / refinishing, bathrooms and bathroom fixtures and all points in between!

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Extreme Cleaning Services Can Help Improve Family Dynamics

Our Extreme Cleaning services are popular among families with elderly members who can’t keep their homes clean themselves. Most seniors want to continue living at home but lets face it – extreme cleaning is a lot of work! It’s often too much for seniors to do on their own physically and their children are busy managing their own homes and life responsibilities. It can become a more serious issue if seniors stay in their homes beyond their ability to keep a house clean, sanitary and well maintained. Often these seniors are considered “entrenched” and require an approach that advances their well-being in a loving and compassionate way. Children of “entrenched” parents can find it to be an overwhelming and frustrating reality to deal with. In the midst of these complex family dynamics, the home becomes increasingly dirty and unsafe. It is our goal to reach families before this crisis reaches a climax and ends in injury or medical emergency.

Our Extreme Cleaning Services Can Help Restore a Space Ready for Re-Habitation, Resale, or Rental

We’re here to help; not judge. Let our experience assist you as you move through this task of helping to restore the home to a state where it can be lived in comfortably once again or presented for sale. Depending on how long a home’s been neglected, a backlog of everyday maintenance issues can cause extensive damage. Flooring becomes heavily soiled, walls are damaged and often plumbing is ignored. Minor repairs, carpeting, painting and other maintenance issues are what we deal with regularly. We follow your specific instructions and prepare the home for re-habitation, resale or rental. Our services add appreciable value in any case. We also provides a complete hoarding clean up and move-out cleaning services.

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