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Services: online auctioning, tax receipt eligible & reuse donating, recycling, e-waste & metal recycling, household hazardous materials rendering, disposal services AND we detail clean after!

Estate, downsizing, the need for extreme cleaning services and / or the need to clear contents from a loved ones home can be emotional and sensitive milestones in our lives. When it comes to helping a family member permanently leave their home, resolve an entire estate or extreme clean a home, it can certainly be one of the most challenging and daunting tasks that you or someone you know may ever be faced with. Whether you’ve been called upon to prepare a home for resale, settle an estate, help a parent relocate to a smaller home, extreme clean an existing property, clear out contents, or are facing a fresh start on your own, Total Estate Services is committed to providing you with trusted, reliable and practical advice. We keep your best interests at heart while carrying out the most labour intensive aspects during these difficult emotional changes.

We offer this one-call solution with a team of helpful, knowledgeable, compassionate and understanding personnel. We will simplify the entire process. We have the resources to respectfully and efficiently help you manage any of these life transitions in a positive and practical way. 



Estate & Cleaning Services

Estate Services

We ensure privacy for the homeowner, executor, and/or trustee and help you through the entire estate process with as little disruption in your day-to-day life as possible. We utilize serveral ways to address the sale of content surrounding the estate.

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Extreme Cleaning

We recognize the significance of each stage of the journey and are experienced and equipped to deal with these sensitive situations safely, discreetly, and efficiently. Special care is required as discarding saved items can create feelings of distress, anger, and fear.

Hoarding Cleanup & Extreme Cleaning

Move-Out Cleaning

Whether you are preparing your home for resale, or have just made a home purchase, we provide thorough deep cleaning services. Out ream of expert cleaners can help with simple cleaning and extreme cleaning. From interior to exterior we get the job done.

Extreme Cleaning Services

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