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We Arrange Online Auctions and the Sale of Your Valuable Goods

In 2 Weeks, Its all gone!

Online and estate and / or downsizing auctions are not complicated with Total Estate Services. We are experienced and have mastered the online auction sales process that we’ll use to sell your valuable goods. Online auctions effectively sell everything from everyday household items to the most valuable of assets. The Online auction sales method ensures that most everything will sell.

Online Estate Auctioning Minimizes Traffic Through the Home and Maximizes Exposure.

If traffic through the home and time are issues, Online Auctioning is the way to go!

Everything sold via online catalog. Buyers only come to home the once to pick up items they purchased. Total Estate Services staffs the pick up day – which typically runs 3 to 4 hours – depending on the number of lots.

Typically when online auctioning is the choice there is a full day of lot grouping, photographing, measuring. (2 staff can catalog an average 100 lots per 6 hour day). A further 2 days to prepare the online aspects of the auction followed by an average of a 7 to 8 day actual live auction period. Once the auction closes there is a 2 business day window to allow buyers to arrange pick up. There is a final day divided into 3 segments to allow an even flow of buyers picking up material. A cheque and statement are direct deposited within a 10 business days following the sale. Not only does this method provide a tremendous amount of exposure, sell the vast majority of items – it can be a lot of fun too!

Online auctions list items for sale starting at zero dollars which is referred to as a no reserve (minimum sale price setting). This allows for the greatest number of lots to be created / listed for sale and helps ensure the vast majority of items will sell. Most auctions have a 100% sold rate.

Buyers are Pre-Registered, Pre-Screened and Have Provided a Pre-Authorized Payment Method.

We screen buyers so you can be confident in the legitimacy of the sale of your items. Your security and the security of our goods are our top priority. This ensures payment and should they fail to pick up at the allotted time, they will forfeit their payment to cover the cost to donate and / or dispose of material and / or otherwise resolve the item.

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