Hoarding Cleanup Services

Cleaning Up/Cleaning Out and Organizing Your Space

We bring sensitivity, respect and experience to this challenging and emotional task.  We operating safely, respectfully and efficiently. 

How we do this.


Our donation and auction services,  can help recycle items, and/or recoup monies to help with current or future clean-up, repair and/or replacement costs, as a result of damage from prolonged excess accumulation.

Item/clothing donations help a variety of charities; including women’s shelters, diabetes etc.

Our auction process utilizes the online auction platform, Maxsold.  Total Estate Services, help to conduct your auction by:

                                                                                           – organizing/arranging lots for sale, 

                                                                                           – taking pictures,

                                                                                           – editing the catalog 

                                                                                           – staffing the release of items on the auction release date and,

                                                                                           – removing items not picked up at auctions end.

Utilizing this type of platform greatly increases market exposure for any item(s), you are looking to sell; increasing the chances for a greater monetary return.  Please see our current/previous auction page, for examples.

Disposal.  Inevitably, with any clean-up, there are items that can no longer be recycled or sold and are in need of disposal.  These items often include: soiled materials, items beyond repair, household hazardous, and/or sharps/medical containers.  This is done safely, at approved facilities. 

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