Hoarding Cleanup Services

Hoarding: The Physical, Emotional and Psychological Nature

The first step we take to help with hoarding clean up is to understand the nature of the condition itself. The term hoarder is used to describe those who accumulate materials in excess of available space; thereby overwhelming the space and in extreme cases making the area unsafe. It is a sensitive issue in so far as the reasons for these extreme accumulations are often emotional/psychological in nature.

There is an associated inability and/unwillingness to discard, items. When the issue is recognized by the person affected and/or family/friends etc., our trained staff are called on to help clear up / clean out their homes. We bring sensitivity and experience to this challenging task. Hoarders are not simply, “enthusiastic collectors/scavengers,” although some affected individuals may view themselves as such. When significant enough, excessive accumulations can impede regular use of typical living space. Cleaning, cooking, sleeping and simply moving throughout the home become issues.

Hoarded material can be viewed as a large insulating security blanket, making some affected individuals “feel safe.” Discarding saved items can create feelings of distress, anger and fear. Helping to discard excess materials is often necessary for safe living. It is, however only one step of a journey, as hoarding is not simply a “house only” issue. Understanding and helping to treat underlying reasons for extreme accumulation need to be addressed. Support groups are increasing in number, as this condition becomes more recognized.

We Understand How to Help with Hoarding Cleanup

We recognize the significance of each stage of the journey and is experienced and equipped to deal with these sensitive situations safely, discreetly and efficiently. Unlike many of our competitors who view hoard removal simply as another ‘junk removal’ job – our approach is very sensitive and respectful as we understand that to a hoarder their collection is not merely ‘junk’. Rest assured that at the end of our process your home will be clean, orderly, and functional but the means we use to get there won’t leave anyone distraught or regretful.

We do not simply ‘trash’ everything we find, we help you to donate and auction off as much of your belongings as possible so nothing is wasted unnecessarily. To read more about this process and how it benefits us and you please checkout our partners: Furniture Bank and MaxSold.

Hoarding Cleanup Services 

We are hoarding cleanup experts, and provide extreme cleaning services while understanding and showing compassion and empathy.  We’ve seen the full effects of hoarding, and how it can impact individuals and loved ones.

Confidently referred by the VHA, and contracted under the City of Toronto for Interior Contents Removal, Property Sanitization, and Pre-Treatment for Pest Control, we are confident in our abilities to help you!  Contact us to setup a meeting.

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