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Being an executor of an estate can be overwhelming. It can take a toll emotionally, especially if the person that has died is a close family member, relative or friend. Executors and families are often left with a set of time consuming tasks that they’re not accustomed to dealing with.

We Ensure Privacy for the Homeowner, Executor and / or Trustee.

Total Estate Services will help you through the entire process in a timely manner, with as little disruption in your day to day life as possible. As an estate trustee and / or executor you are responsible for resolving all the physical aspects of the estate and ensuring that every reasonable opportunity to generate income for the estate is explored. On line auctioning is the most advantageous method to address the sale of content with minimal disruption to the family.

We Manage the Entire Sale Process – Start to Finish!

Online auctioning is the most effective way to sell home contents. The online process levels the field for everyone involved and garners higher returns. The no reserve approach removes the need to have higher end and / or specialty items appraised. (*although there is a place and time for appraisals) The exposure to the open market is key. The combination of collectors, dealers and most importantly persons purchasing for themselves levels the field and drives the average value upward. The reality is the majority of homes are filled with everyday items of various quality that have a broad range of resale value and generally a balanced multi-process approach works best.

*an appraisal will provide fair market value in a perfect market setting in that if there is a willing buyer and willing seller operating independently of each other. Most often if the executor is not an immediate family member and there are serious questions regarding value of certain items then an appraisal will help determine what is fair. Otherwise the market will do just that with proper exposure.

What do you need to do before we organize your items for resolution and / or sale? We suggest inviting family members and friends in to let them decide what they may have an interest in. Keep a list and mark items as you go through the house. Gifting or selling items to family members and friends is a wonderful way to liquidate some of what remains in the home. Clearly identify and / or remove those items that you would like to remain, including family heirlooms or photos that you would like to keep for you and your loved ones and leave the rest to us.We encourage you and your family to leave everything just where it is. Yes, you can even leave the food in the fridge! Don’t clean, sort, or throw anything away. We are here to make your process simpler and the best thing you can do is to let us decide what to recycle, re-purpose, throw away, and what to sell. You’d be amazed at what we will be able to market. Now relax and let Total Estate Services take charge.
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