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Hoarding Cleanup Services in Oakville

Hoard Cleanup and Hoard Removal are exhausting processes for most individuals to manage alone. At Total Estate Services we understand the delicate nature of this condition and how to effectively remove the hoard while being sensitive towards the parties involved. Don’t struggle with hoard removal alone, let us help you have a lasting and positive experience working through the process.

Oakville Extreme Cleaning Services

Extreme cleaning goes beyond domestic cleaning and can be quite a labor intensive process if the space has not been cleaned regularly. At Total Estate Services we can help with decluttering and comprehensive cleaning of all surfaces including: walls, floors, baseboards, cabinets, appliances, doors, windows and more!

Move Out Cleaning Services in Oakville

Whether you’re downsizing or simply changing spaces there is a lot of cleaning to be done while you’re moving. Total Estate Services can help you clean your existing home to perfection so it will look its best on the market and you’ll get top dollar. A lot of thought goes into preparing a new space for occupancy and often homeowners are too tired to prioritize cleaning their old home, therefore missing out on the full potential value of the space. Let Total Estate Services help you get top market value for your old home so you can focus on getting settled in the new one.

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