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Our experience in funeral services and health care led us to a different way of helping people. Understanding that life sometimes includes difficult milestones, we created a simple, practical and  effective process to help families. Often, those entrusted with estate management are caught off-guard by the magnitude of properly and effectively managing an estate. Our estate management process addresses every aspect of selling, clearing, cleaning and preparing a home for re-sale. Through a combination of efficient management, upstanding principles, and understanding the value of excellent service, we have evolved Total Estate Services into a full service estate management company.

Estate Management is Something Most Will Encounter Sometime in Their Lives

Total Estate Services is at your service. We’ve helped hundreds of families along the way. Our founders evolved Total Estate Services from the grassroots up, focusing on personal service, client relocation and estate needs while dealing with the most sensitive and challenging of situations. Total Estate Services has developed a proven and straight-forward approach to estate management which directly benefits our clients, and we welcome the opportunity to customize a proposal for you.

Payment Process

Clients often ask about payment options. Typically we ask that 30% to 50% be provided the first day on site. This is dependent on the total amount of the estimate / invoice. The balance is paid upon satisfied completion. Often a large portion or the entire cost is offset by the sale of goods through the online auction process.

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We always felt that if we kept our vision and goal as simply “to help people” we would always be happy and satisfied in our work.

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Everyone's circumstances are unique, so we can't provide you with a one-size-fits-all rate for our range of services. We begin by meeting with you personally on site to fully discover exactly what your wishes and needs are. This allows us to get to know you, and for you to get to know us.

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