How Much Does an Estate Cleanout Cost

Dealing with the estate of a loved one can be emotionally and physically exhausting. That’s why you may want to seek out some help when it comes to clearing out the home of the individual who’s passed on or who may have moved into another living facility. Using the services of an estate cleanout company can not only help you clear out and clean the home to ensure it’s ready for sale, but all items will also be dealt with accordingly.

Any belongings that are salvageable and still retain some value may be auctioned off for profit, while others may be either donated or thrown away, leaving the home spotless and free of any items to have to deal with.

There are many variables involved in resolving the contents from an estate, including the following:

  • Volume of contents. The sheer amount of items that must be cleared out will have to be accounted for when cleaning out an estate, as well as how to haul them away from the premises.
  • What the contents consist of. Certain types of items may be easy enough to get rid of, such as decor or books. But other items that are much larger or may even be dangerous to handle can be more difficult to eliminate. As such, it’s important to determine the best way to get rid of these items from the estate.
  • What can be done with the contents? Should the contents be auctioned off and sold, tossed in the trash, or donated?

How Do I Get Rid of All the Junk in My House?

Not everything should necessarily be classified as “junk”. There are several items that can’t just be trashed. Instead, there are many ways to deal with waste material from a home, such as recycling or donating.  

What Percentage Do Estate Sale Companies Charge?

Estate sale companies may auction off contents to help earn the executor or family members a little extra money from the estate. This service comes at a small cost for all the work that’s involved in the auctioning off of items. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay roughly 30% commission on the sale of the items from the estate, which is well worth the price considering the fact that nothing has to be done on the part of the family or executor.

What is the Best Way to Liquidate an Estate?

The best way to get rid of contents from a home is to sell them. That way, you can earn a little extra money rather than simply discarding everything in the home. If the items are not worth selling or have little to no value, you may wish to donate their items if they are in good shape and can be used by others. Otherwise, they may be trashed or recycled.

What Happens to Estate Sale Leftovers?

Any items that cannot be auctioned off or sold will be discarded by either being thrown in the trash, recycled, or donated.

What Sells Best at an Estate Sale?

Estate sales are a magnet for collectors who are looking for treasure that they otherwise not be able to find in a store or even online. Generally speaking, the items that tend to sell easily for a lot of money include the following:

  • Jewelry
  • Artwork
  • Chinaware
  • Vintage electronics
  • Mid-century furniture

How Can I Liquidate Assets Quickly?

When dealing with an estate, you may want to eliminate the contents of the home as quickly as possible. The best way to do that is to hire an estate cleanout service. These professionals can complete the entire process from start to finish in as little as 2 weeks or less.

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