Move Out Cleaning Services

It’s customary for people who are moving out of a property to clean the place before they vacate in order to leave it in decent condition for the new occupants. Not only is this the right thing to do, it’s also required in most cases.

But the task of thoroughly cleaning a home can be daunting, time-consuming, and physically exhausting.

That’s why professional move-out cleaning services are available. Whether you’re looking to downsize after your grown kids have moved out, are settling your parents’ estate, are making repairs to your home for the new owners before you move out, or are a real estate agent looking to provide some extra services for your clients, having expert move-out cleaning services on hand can be a life-saver.

What Happens During a Move-Out Cleaning Job?

Generally speaking, a move-out cleaning job will involve eliminating any loose items or debris, getting rid of any dirt or dust, vacuuming the space, and eliminating all potential contaminants in each room of the house. Depending on the condition of each room, there may be some scrubbing and washing involved. Further, all surfaces will be thoroughly sanitized to ensure no contaminants are left behind.

Here are some of the tasks you can expect during a move-out cleaning job:

• Dusting all baseboards
• Washing all doors and windows
• Remove trash
• Washing all floors
• Cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces in bathrooms, including sinks, showers, toilets, floors, and walls
• Wiping down all appliances
• Cleaning out all cabinets
• Wiping down all counters
• Cleaning inside ovens and stove ranges

Benefits of Hiring Professionals For Move-Out Cleaning

There are several reasons why you may want to hire professional cleaning services rather than do the job yourself when you’re moving out:

Convenience. You probably have a lot of things to do and prepare for when moving, so why not remove a major chore off your list of to-do’s and leave the cleaning to someone else! It will save you a ton of time and hassle so you can focus on other important things.

Reduce stress. Moving can be stressful, and having to thoroughly clean your home from top to bottom before you vacate the premises can just add to the headaches. Having professionals tackle the job for you can alleviate any added stresses that typically comes with moving.

Avoid issues with landlords. If you are moving out of a rental property, you could be charged by your landlord for not leaving the property the way you have been expected to. Rental properties may charge you to clean the place after you move out, and they can easily jack up the price to do so. Rather than be faced with these penalties, a professional cleaning company can leave the place to the liking of your landlord and help you avoid the risk of being charged for overpriced cleaning.

Custom services. There may be certain things that need extra attention that a professional service can provide. For instance, perhaps your oven needs a serious deep cleaning after years of caked-on food and grease, or maybe the walls have been covered in crayon and other markings by children. Whatever the case may be, your professional cleaning company can help you tackle specific issues with your home before you move out.

Leave the move-out cleaning job to the experts at Total Estate Services!

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